Activewear Trends for Fashion Girl: Cosmolle Update Your Wardrobe!


activewear trends for fashion

Half of 2023 has already gone by, and it seems it’s been extremely fast. If you are one of those who love thinking ahead, you will want to start updating your activewear wardrobe. And the best thing is that, nowadays, wearing activewear is not only for those who attend the gym but also for whoever wants to be comfortable and make a fashion statement too.

One of the places where you can get amazing yoga sets is Cosmolle. Where you will be able to find the 2023 activewear trends you need to follow if you are one of the fashion girls that love looking good and are very fashionable.

seamless bra activewear

Why You Must Choose Cosmolle?

Cosmolle is a brand that wants to empower you through its sustainable fashion. They are looking to make people feel and look good, while they are both doing their part to help save the environment.

For them, fashion, and most importantly, activewear, should be not only stylish but also accessible and affordable for everyone. One of the more important values of the brand, which is very close to their hearts is inclusivity as well as they are huge supporters of body positivity.

They have a huge commitment to creating high-quality pieces, like their long sleeve legging set, that are durable and long-lasting too, using high-quality materials and fabrics, that will make their pieces hold up during not only all of your activities but also during the passing of time.

longsleeve legging set

They believe in fair trade; love giving back to the community and also support their workers. But not only that, for them, sustainability is at the forefront of all of their actions, this is why they not only use eco-friendly and sustainable materials, but they manufacture them under sustainable processes, like 3D printing, that are energy efficient and generate less waste.

What are the 2023 Trends to Follow?

This year we have seen a lot of former trends come back, and some others become more popular than ever. This is definitively a year of comebacks and inclusive trends. For example, this year we have seen more retro looks, more specifically the ones from the 90’s are back. We see more neon and tie-dye pieces.

1. Retro Looks

The retro trend is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their workouts and you’ll definitely be able to find some of the pieces that follow this trend on Cosmolle. And they are also great for those who love the 90's too.

We are now also seeing a rise in the one-piece activewear trend. Maybe a little bit related to going back to the 90’s with their leotards. This year we are seeing more and more people wearing bodysuits, jumpsuits, etc., as they are a simple but stylish way to work out too. And to be honest, this trend makes it really simple to get ready, especially for those people who are always on the go.

2. Wider Size Range and Diverse Models

seamless tie dye

Another trend that is huge this year is inclusivity. This is great for women that have bigger sizes than the standards and have always felt excluded from fashion because of their size.

Now we see that activewear is being offered in a wider size range and also, we see more diverse models in the brand’s campaigns. It was time that activewear brands started embracing all body types and making them more accessible to everyone.


We keep seeing how much damage we have done to our planet, and that we need to make a change as soon as possible. Now more and more activewear brands are turning to eco-friendly and sustainable and using recycled materials that are stylish and sustainable.

And finally, activewear has become a part of many women's daily wear, as they are comfortable and so stylish that they now are being worn in and out of the gym. There are so many different pieces to choose from as a lot of brands are embracing this trend and creating products that serve these purposes.

Alfia D. Masyitoh
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  1. "Sustainability is at the forefront of all of their actions..."

    Hmm.. it's great. Nowadays, when fast fashion gives earth so many garbage and polution, Cosmolle put sustainability as the forefront of all of their action.


  2. Nowdays, many people more aware to environment. Eco-friendly and suntainable things are hunted by them. Activewear that has good quality must become a reason for them in selecting wardrobe.

  3. It's good point to read that we could be still stylish using active wear from recycled material, it's mean that will be less garbage and less polution for our earth

  4. I think Cosmolle is one of eco-friendly fashion bussiness. It's try to combine their inovative design with sustainability. Hope so many fashion design will bring more sustain technologies for future earth.

  5. Boleh juga nih, bisa jadi motivasi untuk wanita rajin berolahraga sekaligus berpartisipasi tidak langsung untuk menjaga lingkungan..Set legging bolehlah untuk referensi pasangan saya..

  6. Untunglah sudah ada brand-brand yang membuat activewear untuk big size seperti saya, Meski takkan sebagus yang langsing, tapi bisa membuat kamuflase dengan size asli. Hihihi,

  7. activewear menjadi trend juga buat wanita jaman now ya. dan aku baru tahu setelah melipir kesini. Salah satu activewear yang rekmenden buat ngegym. Tapi versi yang muslimah kira-kira ada nggak ya mbak. Salut aja krn eco freindly dan ramah lingkungan

  8. This is very cool. We can choose clothes that use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and use recycled materials that are stylish and sustainable.

  9. selalu tertarik dengan sustainable fashion, dan cosmolle ini tak hanya mementingkan gaya masa kini tapi juga dampak kedepannya.. good job


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